Software For Pharmacy

  • Technologies and platforms: Microsoft ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, PhoneGap, HTML 5, MSSQL, MS Visual Studio
  • Effort: 16 man-months
Software For Pharmacy


Market research performed by one of our clients showed that today most of the pharmacy use bespoke or off the shelf inventory and management solutions and different kinds of healthcare software facilitating routine operations. Majority of them barely cover all the needs of a regular pharmacy. There’s no comprehensive software for pharmacy with viable features that can make pharmacy more client-oriented and improve their services. They’ve asked us to design a SaaS application that will bring a new level of customer service to the market, be scalable and flexible, and perform extremely fast.


Main technical challenges were to provide integration gateway to various old systems, keep performance at a high level and to create a mobile application for pharmacy on Android. To satisfy these high demands and tackle the technical complexity, we’ve designed our own data access framework that focuses on the flexible configuration able to connect to almost any data source. Performance was also a key, and the framework is extremely fast and steady. The Android application was developed with PhoneGap allowing easier migration to other mobile platforms in the future.


Our customer has a complex, all-in-one solution that includes all major, high-demanded features suitable for any pharmacy branch. The system has received a positive feedback from several long-term clients. The solution has good performance, allowing a customer to save budget on hosting and maintenance while extending its client database and managing client’s subscriptions. Significant number of configuration options reduces maintenance costs as well, since most of the configuration tasks are performed by its employees.


The owners are having real time data and live reports allowing them quickly respond to different business situations. Pharmacy employees know everything about what is in warehouse using pharmacy inventory software. Full client history is always in front of them with medical records software. Pharmacy clients are even happier with outstanding services provided by a mobile application for pharmacy, wherever they are – even in another city or region. With an effective and flexible pricing model, the owner of SaaS application has its client database growing faster than ever.


At the moment this case study has been created and the application is already online and working. The application successfully passed UAT and now is in the maintenance stage. The customer has approached us once again to enhance the business management system and add more features. Belitsoft Team is performing technical elaboration and assessment of Phase 2. It will bring several special features and ability to set up special offers for vendors, corporate program discounts for selected groups of clients.

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