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Electronic Document Management System


A large Danish company has contacted Belitsoft with a request for a new Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). It needed to be scalable, secure and user-friendly.

Why Belitsoft

The customer decided to go with us on this project because of the following reasons:

Technological expertise

As a Microsoft Gold application partner, we had a reputation for being well-versed in MS ecosystem.

Attractive quote

Our quote was the most transparent and showed how much more the customer would gain by working with us.

Positive references

Previous customers were willing to provide their reviews to show that we were a reliable development partner.

The Process

The best way to handle this project was to use Agile methodology. This way the customer would get their software faster, as the team doesn’t have to have a detailed requirements document at a kickoff.

The client and the developers have agreed on using Sharepoint as a basis for this project. This platform is powerful and has a great potential for modification. As the EDMS was intended for client’s internal use, they’ve decided to go with an on-premise option.

The Solutions

The features we’ve implemented in this EDM included:

Role-based security

Users’ access to the documents was limited depending on their position within the company to prevent information leaks and ensure everyone’s responsibilities are clear.


The documents could be sorted and organized by author, date, ID, type and other values to make it easier for the users to find what they’re looking for.


A document within the EDM could be created and modified by several users simultaneously.


Users could track changes made in the collaboratively created documents and revert them, if necessary.

Process automation

The system sent notifications, added tags, filled-in fields and done many other things on its own in accordance with the client’s business processes.

Automatic archival

The system could automatically delete or archive certain documents based on a set of rules.

Our Clients' Feedback

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