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ERP System Solution for Granite Industry Vendors
Technologies: Ajax, HTML, Laravel, PHP, MySQL Effort: 2000 hours, ongoing support
Custom Live Video Streaming Web / Mobile Development For a Video Surveillance System Company
Technologies: React.JS, Laravel, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Flussonic (ErlyVideo) API Effort: 160 man-hours
Electronic Document Management Application for a Parliament
Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, React.JS, Yii Effort: 1600 man-hours
Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator
Technologies: Yii Framework, Apache, MySQL, PHP, CSS, React.js Effort: 7 man-months
Custom Web Development For a Model Agency
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, PayPal, 2CO, Joomla CMS Effort: 12 man-months
E-Learning Community Support
Technologies: Helpdesk, Live Chat, Phone, Skype, Online Conference Tools
Support of Software Dedicated Communities
Technologies and platforms: Helpdesk, Live Chat, Phone, Skype, Online Conference Tools Effort: 120 man-months, ongoing Site: www.JoomPlace.com
Custom Healthcare Web Development
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, xAjax, Joomla!® CMS Effort: 8 man-months
Project Management System for a Health, Security and Environment Company
Technologies: JavaScript, React, React Native, Redux, Redux-persist, Recompose, Reselect, Koa, Knex, PostgreSQL Team size: React Native developers, Backend developer, Designer, Project manager
SCORM Player for Mobile
Technologies: Scorm; Windows Phone, Native iOS, Android development Effort: 8 man-months
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