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Joomla! CMS was selected as the platform for the development since it has necessary level of security and high customization options. To implement necessary functional we initially used GroupJive social networking component to create the online community and FireBoard Forum, subscription tool to buy whole training course videos. And we also embedded player for the main content of the portal - 3D Flash-based movies which can be downloaded to a mobile device or a computer.

  • Technologies and platforms: Joomla! CMS, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Flash, MySQL
  • Effort: 40 man-months

The process

Portal is a web site where high-end technologies meets art. The site offers its visitors possibility to know more about healthy life with its cognitional information and practice series movies in different languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. The portal has become very popular: number of visitors is more than 150.000 users and it has good rankings.  

Currently the site is multilingual and translated into Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Due to this the portal is so extremely popular worldwide and people from many countries can find useful information in their native languages.

Besides technologies and platforms mentioned above we’ve also used:

  • Vimeo API – used for migration of all 100+ videos on Youtube to Vimeo platform.
  • API – converts video/audio content and save it to CDN (Content delivery network).
  • CDN technologies – using CDN to store video/audio content, supports full functionality to work with media files.
  • Load balancing – using cloud with load balancing for 150 000+ visitors/months. Configuration and optimization (Apache + PHP + nginx + MySQL) to work in high load environment.
  • iOS API – API development for mobile apps and desktop application which helps to edit content.
  • Youtube Integration – using Google (Youtube) API for managing user channels, video contents, getting statistics.

Intuitive user interface lets visitors easily choose one of the 4 sections to go:

  • Muscle Exercises;
  • Fitness Community;
  • Download Exercises;
  • Health Forum.

If you want to know more about human body, how to train it right, visit Muscle Exercises and read necessary articles or watch 3D animations offering you a possibility to start training immediately. Instructions are very detailed so even a newbie can manage it.

In Community section you can meet like-minded people to discuss any topic.

Download Exercises section is the area where you can view training series and download them to a mobile device or even a simple computer to do them either at home or in the gym.

In case your aim is to be as fit as a fiddle and not only your muscles, then visit Health Forum.

Belitsoft Company together with portal owner carries out the site system upgrade and modification as time passes to keep it up to date as far as technology and users' convenience is concerned.


This is a side-story about a huge YouTube success of the project. It all began in 2007 and now we continue development for Marco Bottone, our long-term client.

The story started when Marco Bottone, a Naples native, went to the gym to put in place the arm that he had broken. He was 14. From this moment he never stopped working hard to train his body with sports kit, barbells, mats, jogging, bike and steps to tone and develop all groups of muscles. At that moment young man’s passion became a profession. And that is now!

Marco was a personal trainer. But he was interested in web design and programming too. One day he found several fitness training videos lasting for only 2 seconds. Marco understood he was able to do much better videos. He said: "If you can dream it, you can do it," designed a blue-and-yellow heart as a logo and passionately started a company of his dream.

Marco produced the first movies but lacked tool to distribute them. He didn’t give up, and his passion was rewarded – YouTube was discovered! Marco uploaded there eight workouts to promote. In two years there were 30 workouts.

In 2009 YouTube offered a promotional partnership. Community grew and the brand was recognized. During several months of cooperation the number of followers deliberately increased from just 300-400 to ten thousand people.

Marco worked hard to build professional and popular online social community for people to share experiences of healthy lifestyle. Marco made an international team of professionals for his P4P project: graphic artists are from Canada, programmers are from Poland.

Here what Marco says about starting work with Belitsoft: “I met Vladimir Tursin, Marketing Director/co-founder of Belitsoft, online in 2007. I asked for 1 developer at a good price, which I promised to raise. After several meetings and project study Vladimir believed in my idea. I hired a good developer – that was great support for me that time! Now we are good friends with Vladimir and we are glad we have grown. I increased price for developer and my team number at Belitsoft – so that is an example of successful Win-Win collaboration.

Now there are over 750 thousand followers on YouTube and registered on the site, about 650 videos in 13 languages (including Arabic and Chinese). The top video is about the abdomen exercises at home: it has over 40 million hits at the moment. The average number of hits is 400 thousand to 700 thousand a day or 15 million monthly. Tremendous figures.

"My example shows that you can create a job from an idea that works. Wherever you live.”

This is the power of WEB. Passionate professionals working together and providing awesome products to their followers make it possible.

Recently they made the free applications for iPhone, iPad, tablets and other mobile devices.  

Belitsoft is a PHP Development Company from Europe. Since the year 2004, we have been providing PHP Development Services at affordable costs for startups and Fortune 500 companies from over 35 countries.

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