Barys Okuneu

Barys Okuneu

Barys is a Lead Software Engineer at Belitsoft.

He has 13 years of experience as a developer, specializing in Java and related technologies. Over his career he has contributed to projects in Healthcare, Law, Accounting and other domains.

Barys is a Sun Certified programmer.

BLOG POSTS BY Barys Okuneu

Integration in the financial software

People like walking the dogs or petting cats. But enterprises cherish their bank accounts. Money needs management. And the old saying “If love something, let it go” doesn’t work here. So when it comes to building a financial app, integrating it with others will ensure the numbers in the bank statement remain fairly high. How to integrate your financial app with others and what to beware - read in this article!

Java vs Nodejs

What do we expect when watching a tarantula fighting a scorpion? Anyone can win or lose. Or is there a way one will escape? In one corner we have Node.js - a powerful environment that allows JavaScript to crawl out of web browsers, and novices to begin their path painlessly. In the other one, there’s Java. An old champion among programming languages that is used globally and for diverse purposes. Is there a winner and who will lose then? Intrigued? Let’s get it started!

Java Vs Python Tried and true Vs "modern and new"

Comparing Java and Python is like comparing earth-moving machinery and sports car. Both are incredible performing in their own way and implementing the unique purposes. Each developing language was created to brighten a specific domain, shining through the industry itself. The modern embarrassment of riches mixed up the ideas and brought a new one: you can use anything you want - results are satisfying anyway. Down here we’ve overviewed the strengths and weaknesses of the two top-notch languages in 2018. Dig in!

Advantages of Java

Let us guess. You’re sick of seeing those flashy titles like “Python is the best!”, “Make your app a rainbow with Node.js!” or even “C is dead”. You’ve heard quite enough of those trendy words and decided to create something bigger? Or tired of being a consumer so you ordered your developers around to carry out your vision of the future? And they offered you Java! Is that the one which is 20 years old?! Are you serious?! Well, big fella, Java is not that simple as it might at first appear.

What is Java

More than 9 million developers use Java. Officially, Java is a programming language. Officially, Java is also a computing platform. A platform is the hardware or software environment in which a program runs. The Java platform has two components: the Java Virtual Machine and the Java Application Programming Interface (API). The Java Virtual Machine is the base for the Java platform and is ported onto various hardware-based platforms. The API is a large collection of ready-made software components grouped into libraries (packages) of related classes and interfaces that you can use to create other software components or applications.

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