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Nataliya Maitsih is a Marketing Manager

Nataliya says marketing in IT is evolving rather fast. That is why she decided to try her hand at marketing, despite the fact that she had been working as an economist for a long time: Nataliya graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University and got a Degree in Economics.

Today, Nataliya is a successful marketing manager. She thinks that her key competencies such as responsibility, accuracy, communicative skills, business correspondence, preparation and conclusion of contracts, creation of a customer base and client orientation help her to deliver good results. The lady kindly remembers her first Client from France and the project related to the development of the software for protection and management of copyrights. Nataliya was responsible for communication with the Client, building the development team and business correspondence. She says that participation in this project gave her a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in business communication and useful report writing.

Out of working hours, the lady spends time with her family, reads fiction and scientific literature, listens to pop music, watches movies and series, does sports.

Nataliya believes that if you have a wish, you will get opportunities, and if you take actions, you will get results. The lady also advises to always strive to get what you really love, otherwise you will have to love what you have got.

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