Vitali Kiselev

Vitali Kiselev

Vitali has been consulting Belitsoft on voice and speech-related technologies in 2012. In 2018 he became the head of the voice/speech technology department.

Throughout his career Vitali has worked as a software developer, R&D specialist, team lead, head project manager, department head, CCO and CEO. He has over 50 published research papers and over 20 successful large-scale speech-related projects.

Vitali has profound expertise in speech recognition, voice biometrics, speech synthesis, speech analytics, voice assistants, voice self-service systems, emotional speech analysis, machine learning and other fields.

Vitali is a great communicator, willing to understand customer’s business processes and suggest optimal solution for the challenge. His determination, technical acumen, vast experience and flexible approach to management make Vitali a reliable and responsible partner.

BLOG POSTS BY Vitali Kiselev

How to develop a voice assistant like Siri

The emergence of voice assistants made the luxury of hands-free device control a daily reality. Whether you want to turn on the lights, ask a question, play music or place an online order, this technology is able both to respond to your command and anticipate your every need, significantly increasing the loyalty of users to your software.

Speech Recognition Technology in Healthcare: Which Startups Use It and How?

<p>Medical speech recognition is the program’s ability to identify words of oral language and convert them into a machine-readable format. Speech technologies allow healthcare practitioners to save time on doing paperwork and thereby focus on patient care.</p>

Projects delivered by Vitali Kiselev

Speech recognition system for medical center chain

Belitsoft was approached by the owner of a private medical center chain from the USA. Doctors and nurses working

Comprehensive Speech Recognition System for a Bank

Belitsoft was approached by representatives of a mid-sized bank from the UK. They required an

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