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Real Estate Web Development Services

If you are an individual real estate AGENT, BROKER, REALTOR, or a COMPANY, thinking of launching real estate business online or upgrading an existing real estate website, the team of Belitsoft is here to develop a professional real estate website that totally fits your industry.

Real Estate Web Development Company

Belitsoft is a real estate web development company that helps real estate agents, brokers, and realtors create and manage innovative websites that are user-friendly and great-looking. Our company has a reputation of a reliable business partner that delivers best real estate websites. We are experienced professionals in building beautiful websites that has all useful features you need to achieve your business goals. Develop your own website with Belitsoft and boost your sales and reputation! We have a good understanding of the real estate industry to offer you what you actually need and create a website that will connect you with your customers and sell your properties.

Our Real Estate Web Developers

Our team includes real estate web development experts, who are focused on building award-winning real estate websites that help you reach marketing success. Our team delivers professional real estate website designs according to your specific needs that create value for your business.

Belitsoft offers an experienced web development team or selected developers that will help you look professional and grow your deals.

We launch custom websites for high-end real estate agents, brokers, realtors, and companies and focus on a business strategy, effective marketing, stylish website design, and lead conversion. Our best real estate web developers are here to build a unique real estate website to help you run your business more efficiently and win the online market.

Features of Real Estate Websites

When it comes to real estate business, a site of such an enterprise should be more than just a pile of content. It should demonstrate a variety of implemented tools.

  • built-in Google gadgets - Google Base API (the created application can upload new data, update or delete existing items, and execute specialized queries to find matches for complex attribute criteria), Google Search API (let us use JavaScript to embed a simple, dynamic Google search box and display search results in site's own web pages);
  • the search option that can be embedded with the help of Google Map API, allowing a quick search for any user in almost every browser. The search can be performed by location, district, featured builders, price and much more. Google Map API also makes it possible for real estate specialists to define address of their hot offers for sale and to carry out offers search by location;
  • quick location and zip code search bars;
  • a list of homes;
  • administration panel that makes managing and modifying the articles of the site;
  • news and blogs for each location;
  • simple secure registration and users management;
  • ability to request the assistance of the real estate professionals;
  • the ability for Realtors to join the partnership;
  • online shopping tool with multiple choices of payment methods;
  • contact form and much more.

Much attention should be paid to the web portal design to provide users with intuitive navigation.

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