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SCORM Player for Mobile


Planned list of player features included a possibility to play SCORM inside a mobile player without connection to the learning system. Secure storage of SCORM content and students' attempts information during system utilization was obligatory too.


  • Download SCORM packages to their mobile devices and play them.
  • Learning activities are performed in offline mode or out of the learning system network.
  • SCORM packages passing attempts information when connection to learning system is available.

And Tutors can download data about attempts to their mobile devices for control, grading, etc.

Offline SCORM Player is implemented as three-tier application. These are web service located on the Learning System side, offline SCORM player itself and SCORM Player embedded into the second tier. The first tier is a web service located on the Learning System side, that provides general functionality for teachers and students to download SCORM-compliant content packages and upload performed attempts back to the system using Offline Player. During this process, business rules of learning system are applied for processing just uploaded attempts. While interacting with Learning System, Offline Player uses credentials provided by the user registered in the Learning System. The second tier is Offline Player itself. It acts as a container and as a storage on a side of mobile client that allows users to manage their SCORM packages and related content by downloading new and removing old packages, uploading and viewing user attempts. The third tier is actually SCORM Player embedded into the second tier. This Player is capable of loading SCORM package, performing all the necessary activities for preparing SCORM package to be played, playing it with adherence to the SCORM specifications, and sending back SCORM intermediate or final information back to Offline Player to be stored as an attempt in secure storage.

Using offline SCORM player one can learn and pass exams even without constant network connection. This new tool takes e-Learning to new level where learners almost have no limits.


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