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With the series of Magento product catalog management extensions made by our Magento developers, you will get many useful features facilitating sales and customers’ satisfaction growth. See the list of tools below, hope, you will find useful things for you here.

  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XML, Magento, AJAX, SOAP, SugarCRM, Dropbox, Google, Box, AmazonS3 API, PEAR Tar Archive

Cloud Backup Extension for Magento

It’s important to use quality server backup software to secure stable operation of your Magento web store. Then your customers’ experience will skyrocket and sales will grow day by day too.

Our Magento e-commerce development company created an extension that allows you not to worry about saving the most important data – Magento backup extension which can even make cloud backups on a schedule. Its basic features are:

  • Automated data backups making – the whole site or specified databases, files.
  • Backup files creation on schedule using cron scheduler - without your active participation in the process. You can assign email sending after the backup is completed on demand.
  • The site backup can be sent to a separate server, anywhere you can access fast, or saved on a local server in a separate folder.
  • The extension works with Google Drive,, Dropbox, S3 Amazon online storage. Connect them to save there your backup files.
  • Logs information is saved in a log file and in the database for your security and convenience.

Moreover, some remote storages have specific requirements for the files they store, so we took this in action and added a specific feature for Dropbox and they require small files, so we split the backup file into pieces of 100MB.

Our backup extension for Magento gives you:

  • Warranty of important data and site saving. You will never lose vital data and you will restore anything you need fast and easy using the backup files made by our tool.
  • Even if your server is hit, you will save all information as this is a cloud backup extension for Magento creating offsite backups. You can easily extract files from a remote storage and revive the site. Just add settings for Amazon or Google Drive, specify a bucket or directory where the archive files should be sent, or add login data for the Dropbox.
  • It saves you time and effort because backup can be made with one click according to the settings of even without this click according to the schedule set up with the cron tool.

With this Magento backup extension your site will always be secure and even in an emergency case, you won’t lose customers as you can return to normal work fast.

Magento Call for Price extension

With this, you can hide price and the “Add to cart” button, instead, add Call for price note. This is really useful for custom products or items which should be measured this or that way to know the price.

Moreover, you can change the message text and display anything you find useful instead of a “Call for price” tag. It’s important that you can assign this tag to a single product and to a product category or subcategory or to the whole shop.

With Magento Call for Price extension, it’s possible to insert a link which is activated after a button click directing customers to the contact page or a site with detailed sales contact information.

Magento Hide Price extension

It allows to hide products’ price from the site guests or not logged in visitors. They aren’t also allowed to click the “Add to Cart” button. Such a solution attracts your visitor's interest and stimulates them to register as the price is hidden from guest customers. Like Call for Price extension, it can be assigned to product categories as well as for a separate product. Note that Magento Hide Price extension allows showing the price to a specified customer group only. You can add any message instead of price and “Add to cart” button too.

Magento Product Label extension

It gives a possibility to emphasize or mark a product by adding a specific label or icon to it. This is a magic wand for special offers and discounts, as your specified products do outstand and attract more attention with custom labels and icons. Product Label extension for Magento allows to use either predefined labels or upload custom ones. You can choose a place where to stick a label and place it either on separate products pages of your Magento web store or on a catalog view.

Magento Backorder extension

It is one of the most useful ones for your Magento webshop because with its help you can display custom stock status for products that are currently on backorder or unavailable for some reason. Our tool extends standard Magento option for products on backorder with the possibility to put special signs and notes for a bundle of products, groups and configurable products.

The extension allows using additional attributes to tell your customers when to expect the delivery of the products.

Magento Smart Checkout extension

It reduces purchasing process to one step only. All steps necessary to buy something were added to a single checkout page. With this, you can be sure the number of complete purchases will grow and there will be less abandoned carts on your site soon. One step checkout Magento extension is developed requires minimum changes in the default Magento structure. You can customize the checkout page in the admin panel.


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