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Project Management System for a Health, Security and Environment Company


A French company has reached out to Belitsoft. The company provides services in HSE area (Health, Security & Environment). It is focused on large accounts in Oil and Gas and works with factories, logistics, building sites, etc.

The customer required software which would exclude the paperwork and replace Excel spreadsheets with the industry-specific functionality. The application was intended for the in-house experts to:

- Provide them with a convenient project management tool.

- Improve the transparency of work processes and demonstrate it to the management and the clients.

Why Belitsoft

We have previously delivered a project for this customer. This time, Belitsoft was approached by their representative to participate in the bidding process in order to create a project on a larger scale and with the same quality.

According to the customer’s spokesman, following the results of the tender, the company has chosen Belitsoft because:

  • The customer had a successful working relationship with us on another project;
  • We have diverse and wide experience in management systems development for web and mobile devices;
  • The client had a perfect match with our working hours since we’ve been only an hour different from their time;
  • Our offer was the most attractive one in terms of price-to-quality ratio. The customer knew about our quality level from our previous cooperation.


Since the client had a full understanding of how the app should work and kept a clear vision of the idea in his mind, we’d been provided with the specification with all the requirements and design mockups. Usually we work using Time and Material cooperation model, but the information was detailed enough for our team to make an exception and agree to a Fixed Price contract.

We had a Project Manager who had been constantly in touch with the client discussing development aspects and holding demo sessions. The communication was built on the written exchanges through E-mails and Trello, and call-meetings in Skype.

All the requirements for the future software were considered by the Project Manager who then prepared the development plan and confirmed it with the client.

The development process was divided into 5 functional blocks with a work plan for each one. During every month and at the end of it we showed the results of these “time blocks” - demo versions. The creation was moving forward without any changes because the whole process had been flowing in line with the given documentation.


The application we’d been working on is an indispensable management system with several user roles (Administrator, Manager, Expert, Top Manager, and Client). The app provides various functional abilities for each user so that the responsibilities and tasks are transparent and easy to manage.

After you log in the system, the following features can be observed:

  • Burger menu. Here are the functions only for an administrator: managing users, clients, project types and site names;
  • In-app project creation. Manager or Top manager has an ability to create a new project, define the team for this project, timeline, upload the necessary documentation and provide guidelines.
  • Project access. The app provides an ability for users to access the project they participate in, manage their daily operations; displays operations’ statuses and keeps the users aware by getting them alerted.
  • Mission sheets. Users have access to the in-project details with the following information: the status of the mission, expert name, etc. And the access to My account, project reports, messaging system etc. HSE experts have an ability to add and fill-in mission sheets.
  • Alerts. Alerts can be generated in any Mission form.
  • In-app push notifications. Participants will receive push notifications as an addition to the alerts system.
  • Messaging system. Messages spread among defined members and can be viewed by project users only.
  • Online/Offline mode. This feature allows users to work on tablets offline, saving their activities locally and sending to servers once the device is connected to the internet again.
  • Reporting (Web version only). In-app project reports creation with a possibility of export to Excel. Reports can be different according to access privileges.

Besides the web application, we have also developed a cross-platform mobile app optimized for both tablets and smartphones.


The customer received high quality software, developed in line with the requirements in the specification. In the end, the project had been released successfully.


Our Clients' Feedback

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