SharePoint-based LMS Mobile Access Application

Modern mobile technologies provide easy access to any information on the Internet. That is applicable to the e-Learning process as well. This mobile application was designed to deliver safe and fast access to the Learning management system (LMS) on SharePoint platform and learning materials in it to learners and tutors by means of any mobile device.

Platform: Mobile Applications
Solution: LMS
Industry: E-learning
Country: Denmark United States
  • Technologies and platforms: Windows Mobile, Native iOS, Android development
  • Effort: 8 man-hours

The mobile application for accessing the SharePoint-based LMS and information in it has the following features:

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface with laconic design;
  • Possibility to save user's login and password after first application launch;
  • Ability to save personal user's settings;
  • User's settings batch upload into the application.

The developed mobile application gives fast access to the SharePoint-based LMS and information in it to all registered users by means of mobile devices with Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone/iPad platforms. Starting the mobile application takes a few simple steps: download the application to a mobile device, install it using the corresponding button of the interface and that's all. After installation is complete, one may begin using this mobile application.

User interface displays 11 buttons which stand for 11 sections of the LMS (Courses list, Announcements, Grades, etc.). Clicking one of the buttons user jumps to the necessary LMS section, which is presented as a sub-site, and gets the full access to the information of the section. Each sub-site is displayed like a usual web page in a web browser. The mobile application saves personal settings of the user between sessions.

With this mobile application the provider of e-learning solution has a possibility to offer distant learning organization services of higher quality to the users of the LMS. Using mobile devices faster and simpler access to the LMS and materials that are provided in it. This application gives advantage in the market of eLearning solutions and raises the level of comfort of LMS usage. The application is useful for any person who uses the SharePoint-based LMS for which the application is designed.

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