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Dmitry Kravtsov

Senior Business Development Manager

Dmitry has been working in Belitsoft Company since 2009.

He started his career in e-Learning software (LMS) sales and implementation as a sales manager.

He is currently managing several types of projects, including the sales of the company's products. Dmitry has a lot of experience in Fixed Price and Agile projects for the customers in B2C and B2B sectors. It is significant that due to his extensive knowledge and managerial expertise in LMS implementation projects, Dmitry is observed as a purposeful, strong-willed, organized and open-minded specialist.

Here's a brief outline of Dmitry's core business activities and software development approach:

  • To start with, his main concern is to provide quality customer service and live up to clients' expectations.
  • Next, Dmitry appreciates the fact that co-operation alongside timekeeping and meeting the deadline is part of his professional duties.
  • Thirdly, Dmitry feels very strongly about up-to-date progress reports as well as a follow-up project assessment carried out by the customers.

What is more, he doesn't feel like deferring voicing any kind of opinion preferring talking openly about potential or current problems as well as coming up with the best solution to the sensitive matters. An essential aspect of Dmitry's basic techniques is to look at both sides of the case and come to a rational decision no matter if it is initial or final stage of the project development, testing or launching. More specifically, in-depth analysis of the results and personal effectiveness at work can give full scope for business to expand and generate substantial profits.

In addition, Dmitry, who loves socializing, thinks that it is important to share friendships with people of different ages and backgrounds where communication is a fundamental thing in common business practice.

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