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Application Modernization

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Get an extra 6-month warranty period after delivering your modernized application by answering 3 simple questions.

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Your current proprietary on-premises software developed in-house or purchased years ago is:

facing slow performance coupled with numerous update and support issues

incompatible with new features due to the outdated and unsupported tech stack

incomplete necessary functionality, even after upgrades (multilingual, mobile, etc.)

non-compliant with corporate policies and procedures (user privacy, security, accessibility, etc.)

Your company is forced to utilize several different systems and spreadsheets, resulting in:

a time-consuming manual multiple-step work process prone to human errors

a headache collecting, managing, and deciphering the data from disparate sources

holding back the system from advancing to the next level as your numbers are growing each year

the absence of ownership of adaptable all-in-one software with the opportunity to sell it to other organizations

Stay Calm with No Surprise Expenses

  • You get a detailed project plan with costs associated with each feature developed.
  • Before bidding on a project, we conduct a review to filter out non-essential inquiries that can lead to overestimation.
  • Weekly reports help you maintain control over the budget.

Don’t Stress About Work Not Being Done

  • We sign the Statement of Work to specify the budget, deliverables and the schedule.
  • You see who’s responsible for what tasks in your favorite task management system.
  • We hold weekly status meetings to provide demos of what’s been achieved to hit the milestones.

Be Confident Your Secrets are Secure

  • We guarantee your property protection policy using Master Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Employee Confidentiality Contract signed prior to the start of work.
  • Your legal team is welcome to make any necessary modifications to the documents to ensure they align with your requirements.
  • We also implement multi-factor authentication and data encryption to add an extra layer of protection to your sensitive information while working with your software.

No Need to Explain Twice

  • We provide thought partnership to support your strategic thinking.
  • With just your minimal input, our team will leave no stone unturned.
  • You get your needs converted into a project requirements document that is easily understood by any engineer.

No Question Goes Unanswered

  • We are eager to explain how things work, not overwhelming you with technical buzzwords.
  • You will easily understand the technology and things behind the scenes.
  • So you can assign less technical staff to a project from your side.

Mentally Synced With Your Team

  • We create a hybrid composition with engineers working in tandem with your team members.
  • Work with individuals who comprehend US and EU business climate and business requirements.
We use advanced technologies for
Web Development
Mobile Development
Database Development
Cloud Development
API Development
8-hour operation
in European time
4-hour overlap
with US East coast work hours

We Guarantee Your Final App Modernization Budget
Accuracy up to 100% After Audit!

To make legacy software audit, we:

  • document how your existing software supports/doesn't support your current business and technical/security needs
  • investigate how the software landscape in your niche has changed, the modern solutions currently available, and those used by comparable organizations
  • propose the right delivery strategies, describing the potential benefits to key executives of your organization, and pitch them during a workshop

Remove the risks of project over-estimation and non-completion:

We overcome cost estimate uncertainty due to the detailed budgeting in the project planning phase and then define priorities for the development phase
Your project team gets a solution that meets both business and user needs and aligns with your technical and security requirements

300+ completed projects in various industries

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Our Team

For different stages and tasks of a project, we involve a team of senior performers with high expertise and experience.

Vladimir Tursin CEO/Co-Founder


Dzmitry Garbar Department Head/Partner


Alexander Kom Business Development Director


Alexander Kosarev Delivery Director/Department Head


Alexander Shestel Deputy Business Development Director


Denis Perevalov Head of .Net Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Without a discovery audit, any app modernization vendor can provide only a rough preliminary estimation based on your ideas and examples of similar projects.

It’s not accurate because Optimistic and Pessimistic calculations will differ by 100% and more, where Pessimistic is about estimation of complex unique functions, never developed before.

After the discovery audit, you will receive a detailed price range. We can then proceed on either a Fixed Price basis, with a 100% guarantee to stay within budget, or on a Time & Material basis, depending on your needs.

We use a Communication plan agreed with you.

The plan defines Project Roles - product owners from your side and project manager, business analyst, and technical lead from our side.

It also specifies overlapping hours and frequency of communication by email and through live meetings (demo meetings or meetings for discussion of the current project issues: status, new requirements, etc.).

We do Alpha testing during the development stage and Beta testing after the development with real users.

To start testing, we create a Test Plan and Product Acceptance Plan.

Test plan is modifying along with new features development.

Product Acceptance Plan is the main document for us to deliver you a workable solution.

We propose to use Git, GitLab or Bitbucket. We prefer to use Git but there isn't much difference between GitLab and Bitbucket.

We create and update the Software Requirement Specification (contains all planned and developed project features), Test Plan, and Product Acceptance Plan.

If needed, we create a User Manual for administrators and users of your software.

We sign an SLA to describe the process, including the duration, time for implementing enhancements of the software, and other nuances of our responsibilities in your particular situation.

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