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What technology should you use for your software development project? Take a closer look at the PHP web-scripting language for dynamic web applications. PHP runs millions and millions of sites. Popular sites using PHP: Facebook, Wikipedia etc. There are tons of PHP web hosting companies so you can choose one easily. With new features and an extremely improved performance (twice as fast as before), PHP7 has proven itself to be one of the leading web technologies. Everything a developer needs to write safe code is available in PHP. It is easy to outsource development - there are many programmers around the world willing to code PHP inexpensively.

PHP Development Company | PHP Developers
PHP Development Company | PHP Developers

40+ skilled PHP developers! Belitsoft is an offshore PHP Development Company from Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). Since the year 2004, we have been providing outsourced PHP Development Services for our customers from the USA, the UK, Israel and Europe.

PHP vs Node js ... Let's be honest: Node.js couldn't kill PHP. Why?
PHP vs Node js ... Let's be honest: Node.js couldn't kill PHP. Why?

Which is better for back-end - PHP or Node.js? Is Node.js killing PHP? What do developers of our software development company Belitsoft take into account when deciding which technology to use for a new web application?

May 05, 2017
How to Make PHP Websites Run Faster
How to Make PHP Websites Run Faster

Known fact that page loading speed is an essential factor for any site. Using the outlined methods in this article, you’ll be able to speed up your PHP site quickly and effectively regardless of it’s platform (Yii, Symphony, Drupal, Joomla or any other – it doesn’t matter).

Mar 09, 2017
PHP 7 review: Scalar Type Declarations and Return Type Declarations
PHP 7 review: Scalar Type Declarations and Return Type Declarations

PHP 7 introduced new features: scalar type declarations and return type declarations. In this post we will show how these features makes the maintenance of large pieces of code significantly easier by multiple developers and writing more robust tests. For the owner of the large PHP-based application it means more quality with less money spent in a long-term perspective.

Jan 30, 2017
PHP 7 review: Upgrading For Performance and Security Reasons
PHP 7 review: Upgrading For Performance and Security Reasons

Tumblr has upgraded its servers and web app’s code from PHP 5 to PHP 7. Almost immediately Tumblr’ developers saw the latency drop by half, and the CPU load on the servers decrease by at least 50%. Badoo freed up around 300 servers ($100,000 a year in hosting cost savings) and got a visual performance boost at the same time (overall response time improved by about 40%)!

Dec 14, 2016

PHP-based Custom SAAS ERP / CRM Platform for Car Service Stations

Belitsoft Company successfully developed this cloud-based web application – now it is widely used by customers of our client in Canada and has English, French, and Spanish language versions.

PHP-based Custom Freight Broker Software

The target audiences of the application are customers from transportation freight industry in the USA, which need tracking trucks with their goods in real time from any smart device. Belitsoft team successfully developed this transportation management web application from scratch.

PHP-based Custom Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning courses or training programs. More than 1000 businesses in 30 countries around the world use JoomlaLMS Learning Management System. The project is supported online by our specialists.

PHP-based Custom Learning Management System (Driving Theory Courses)

Theorie Examen Trainer is one of our popular projects developed for the Dutch customer.

PHP-based Custom Learning Management System (Online Touch-Typing Courses)

Belitsoft Company has created an efficient PHP-based LMS for a company from Netherlands. The happy founder Martin Beijer also received a sponsorship communications package worth €89.634.

PHP-based Custom ERP

Belitsoft Company has created an efficient PHP-based ERP software for a granite industry vendor from Canada. This software has a rich functionality and deep integration into client company’s process. The system is aimed at organizing current client company’s workflows in one program environment divided among several modules.

PHP-based Custom Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator

Our client is a Financial Advisor Company. He needed a software for technical analysis of stock market in one country with the function of real time online stocks trading simulator. It should be a high load website with the capability to serve thousands of users simultaneously. Belitsoft Company has implemented the client’s project idea.

PHP-based Custom Music Social Network

Our client from the United States was looking for a contractor to create music social network with a unique approach to its users and really interesting ideas which can take everyone’s fancy. The client got the clear plan to create a website and iOS application. Due to our experience in this field we’ve successfully introduced new music social network and now it’s officially online.

PHP-based Custom Electronic Document Management Application for a Parliament

Belitsoft Company has created an efficient PHP-based EDM software  for a Parliament. It is an open web portal that provide the possibility to track Members of Parliament (MPs)' written questions (inquiries) and their execution status.

PHP-based Custom Live Video Streaming App

Our client is a company involved in video cameras installation for live streaming and surveillance. The company need a convenient web portal with the ability of live streaming from cameras. Belitsoft company had an experience in similar projects. We’ve successfully created this project too.