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40+ skilled PHP developers out of 160 employees in October 2016! Belitsoft is an offshore PHP Development Company from Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). Since the year 2004, we have been providing PHP Development Services for our customers from the USA, the UK, Israel and Europe.


Are you looking for a skilled PHP Development Company to produce high quality PHP solutions? Belitsoft is a seasoned PHP development company from Belarus. Due to this and geographical position in the center of Europe Belarusian PHP Developers can work with people from all over the world. 


Belitsoft PHP company is the resident of the Belarusian High Technology Park. It gives us the government support, preferential taxation, access to its intellectual and engineering resources. That is why we offer competitive prices for our PHP Development Outsourcing and help you to reduce IT services expenses. Cut your budget starting from 40% and more!


Recent years proved that Belitsoft PHP team is really stable. Our personnel turnover rate was below 10% per annum and this is quite low as compared to some other companies. Team’s stability is the best mark of a healthy spirit in the company and the staff’s professionalism. It points out that employees have good working conditions. Due to these facts we achieve success for most of the projects as the risk to loose key people of the project is low. On the other hand out team grows every year that helps us to improve our skills by acquiring knowledge of new employees.


Belitsoft helps you to achieve business objectives and implement the most daring ideas with quality. We provide full cycle PHP development starting with detailed requirement collection, analysis and ending with the product support. We apply different models (Agile, Waterfall, etc.) and different technologies (PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby on rails, Android, iOS, etc.) to deliver quality software facilitating your business growth.


We are relatively small, flexible and our management is open to new ideas. Belitsoft lacks corporate bureaucracy peculiar to large companies. We can provide maximum transparency of working process, project team management and pricing. Almost all our programmers and other experts speak English and are available via Skype, email, phone or other tools you choose to communicate.

We use project development progress tracking tools to make work even more transparent.

Our office is the place where competence meets professional management and no minute is spent in vain. This workflow approach is avowed by all our managers, developers, designers and QA engineers and helps to build a strong team spirit.

Hire dedicated PHP developers

Do you need to own remote PHP developers located in Belarus but at a significantly lower price in comparison with local cost? We have 14+ dedicated teams of developers and happy clients who hired them over 7 years ago and still work with them today. Major administrative headaches regarding team like recruiting, HR, payroll, accounting, local management, and the whole infrastructure is on our shoulders. With our dedicated PHP developers, it's possible to cut your budget starting from 40% and more. All PHP developers are at your service as long as you need them. Check out our case study about Dedicated Development Team for Yii and Mobile Development for US based Company.



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