Native Android App Development Services

Belitsoft Mobile App Development Company helps startups and large firms sharpen their competitive edge with the power of Android mobile technology. We make engaging and commercially viable native Android mobile applications for our customers from the USA, the UK, Israel, Canada and Europe. To better meet your requirements, our mobile developers can use whether native or cross-platform approach, as well as combine both. Using a custom native mobile app, your business can provide better user experience to your customers.

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  • Business apps for Android
  • Finance apps for Android
  • Productivity apps for Android
  • Education apps for Android
  • Health & Fitness apps for Android
  • Shopping apps for Android
  • Social apps for Android
  • Sports apps for Android
  • Medical apps for Android
  • Travel & Local apps for Android
  • Android Apps to use in a Car
  • Games apps for Android
  • Food & Drink apps for Android
  • Entertainment apps for Android
  • Dating apps for Android
  • Events apps for Android
  • House & Home apps for Android
  • Lifestyle apps for Android
  • Maps & Navigation apps for Android
  • Music & Audio apps for Android
  • News & Magazines apps for Android
  • Parenting apps for Android
  • Personalization apps for Android
  • Photography, Video Players & Editors apps for Android
  • Tools apps for Android
  • Weather apps for Android
  • Android Wear apps
  • Art & Design apps for Android
  • Beauty Apps for Android
  • Books & Reference, Comic reader, Libraries & Demo apps for Android

What is Native Android Apps?

Native Android app is the app that are built using platform-specific programming languages (Java for Android) and development environments (Android Studio for Android). Native Android applications can easily access all the features of the device and its operating system, such as camera or geolocation. At the same time, they more efficiently consume phone’s resources (battery, memory, CPU). Native Android applications are usually downloaded directly from Google Play Store.

Why Developing Apps Specifically for Android?

Android is the world's most popular mobile platform, which retained its number one position in the worldwide smartphone market with more than 80% share (2013-2017). If your target audience primary use Samsung or other Android devices and you need application with more than simple functionality and UI, probably, native Android app development will be the best choice for you.



Native Android App Development Services



Benefits of Developing a Native Android App

  • High performance and speed;
  • Best User experience;
  • Full access to the device’s services and features;
  • Fast integration with new features of the device; 
  • Ease of testing, automatically monitoring application performance;
  • Full support of the Google Play Store.

How Long Does It Take To build Native Android App?

Back-end engineering typically consists of the following activities:

  • Data storage: in many cases, your application may have both client side storage and server side storage and your application will manage the flow of data between the client and server;
  • Server-side logic: how to handle requests from the app’s front-end;
  • User management: creating user accounts, managing authentication, security and access control
  • Data integration with third parties, including social networks.

Front-end engineering typically consists of the following activities:

  • Front-end logic: detailing what activities would be handled by code locally;
  • Caching: storing data locally to speed load time;
  • Synchronization: enable off-life usage and resolve data conflicts;
  • Wireframing, UI design (mock-ups), UI development, UI polish.

Native Android app development may be the top choice for your business. Contact us now to get a free consultation from our Android experts.

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