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LMS Consulting Services by Belitsoft

The goal of LMS business consulting is to help you improve your learning experience and reduce training costs. A Learning Management System consultant from our professional software development company, which also specializes in learning experience platforms, will guide you through the process of choosing the right LMS and its effective deployment to meet your business goals.

LMS Upgrade Consulting
We’ll discover weak points in your LMS and suggest new features and functions that will make your LMS more competitive on the market and more engaging for learners.
Clarifying requirements and developing an upgrade plan.
Deciding on new features, such as AI, chatbots, gamification.
Redesigning UX and UI (optionally).
Providing training and adapting the learning process to the new functionality.
LMS Implementation Consulting
Our LMS implementation consultant will help you implement a new LMS with minimal risks and high payoff. For that, we’ll define core LMS tech requirements, assess target KPIs and deliver an LMS adoption strategy.
Choosing a ready-made LMS deployment or a custom LMS development.
Selecting must-have features.
Deciding on a deployment model (cloud or on-premises).
Advising on effective content creation.
Planning an LMS roll-out.
Delivering LMS training.
LMS Migration Consulting

We'll find the best LMS to migrate from your current platform. It can be either a custom LMS or a ready-to-use customizable LMS, depending on your needs.

Deciding on must-have LMS features.
Developing strategies for content migration.
Explaining LMS licensing and other conditions.
Adapting learning processes to a new platform.

Our Learning Management System consultant will assess all the options based on your criteria like features, cost, scalability, etc.
Benefits of LMS Consulting by Belitsoft
Existing CodebaseMinimizing your financial risks

Making the wrong choice may lead to money loss due to the lack of essential features, poor tech support of the platform, limits in the number of users or hidden fees. Our consultants will safeguard your choice by assessing the Total Cost of Ownership. As a result, you’ll get a business case with all the necessary data to make an informed decision.

Skilled TeamReaching target learning KPIs

Our experienced LMS business consulting team will start from defining target learning KPIs to build the further process of business case development around these targets. We’ll help you see what functionality you need to ensure the best learning experience for your employees or customers and get the maximum revenue to your bottom line.

Quality productsDecreasing learning costs

The Learning Management System consultant will suggest the best LMS with a feature set and deployment model (cloud or on-premises) that will allow you to save training time, budget and resources. We’ll help you reduce training costs on learning materials and dedicated staff without sacrificing the learning quality.

Belitsoft LMS Expertise in Numbers

Completed projects large and medium-scale
Senior & middle-level LMS experts
Customer retention after MVP development
9.1/10 NPS*
Customer satisfaction *annual Net Promoter Score from our existing clients
16 years
In LMS development & consulting

Why Belitsoft?

Why Belitsoft?
Existing CodebaseProven LMS services quality

Our eLearning team delivers great service. This is proven by multiple positive reviews from clients, 90% customer retention rate, and 4,9/5 rating on Clutch (thу leading rating platform for IT and business services).

Skilled TeamDeep expertise in eLearning

We have 70+ specialists with expertise in the eLearning domain. Hire our Learning Management System consultant as a separate service or as part of a full-scaled LMS development service.

Quality productsTransparent communication and pricing

We build a clear and effective communication with clients using the Agile approach. Regardless of your country, we’ll adjust our working day to share at least 5 hours with you. We regularly report and arrange meetings to give you timely updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

LMS consulting is assistance in all questions related to selecting, implementing and upgrading a Learning Management System. The LMS consultancy by Belitsoft includes:
  • choosing the best suitable LMS for you based on individual needs, goals and requirements;
  • analysing the Total Cost of Ownership, verifying hidden costs and finding the most cost-effective solution;
  • deciding on the must-have functionality and feature set with the possibility to upgrade your LMS;
  • training your team and employees how to effectively use an LMS to get the best training results.
Belitsoft has 16 years of experience in consulting and developing LMSs for training companies. Among our clients there are different types of businesses from EdTech startups to international enterprises. For example, we've worked on multiple courses for corporate training in healthcare, aviation, management, K-12, brokers' domain, and video production. You can see the most hallmark projects in the portfolio.

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