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If you find the right developer, it can really change your business. At Belitsoft you can hire developers to satisfy your software development and maintenance needs. With 10+ years of experience, we follow the best practices for setting up a successful dedicated software development teams in Belarus for our clients from US, UK, Europe and Israel. Our transparent business model helps you to choose value for money programmers and be sure that you will not overpay! With our dedicated developers, it's possible to cut budget starting from 40% and more.

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  • According to your specific requirements, our experienced Recruiting and Human Resource specialists look for candidates not only from company pool of available programmers but also from open job market with thousands of developers available.
  • Human Resource or Recruting managers together with our Senior Technical and Management staff hire the most suitable candidates to you and your project.
  • You are free to Skype / phone interview the developers and make a decision on whom to hire for your projects from the best available professionals. Trial period is provided for any new developer.
  • We do our best to communicate with you better i.e. if you are from the USA then we agree on overlapping hours where you can communicate with developers using email, Skype, phone, online conference and etc.
  • All hired staff will report directly to you and follow your directives and timelines. Our dedicated developers will use whichever project management tools your company uses or we can provide an access to our own tools. This will help you to get 100% transparency in development processes i.e. no unnecessary people in your project, and understanding of every person's effectiveness.


  • You will have your own remote software developers located in Belarus but at a significantly lower price in comparison with local cost. Major administrative headaches regarding team like recruiting, HR, payroll, accounting, local management, and the whole infrastructure will be on our shoulders.
  • Each dedicated developer will work at a fixed monthly cost, no hidden expenses.
  • Our monthly cost is constructed in the way that you benefit in the long term (12+ months)! Just contact us and we will give you more details.
  • You will have full control over software programmers: decide when to augment /decrease remote programmers or when to give direct bonus/salary increase personally to developer(s) if they perform well. So developers will be more loyal to you knowing this information.
  • Final monthly fees will be calculated after all your requirements including needed developers profiles are agreed.
  • In this pricing model, you truly get what you pay for and we believe it is the key to a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration that will last for years. Besides traditional offshore Dedicated model described above we are also familiar with Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT), Outstaffing and Joint Venture variations of it.

Hiring dedicated programmers is the best choice if you need full control over software development process as you will get a high level of transparency, flexibility and security. All developers are at your service as long as you need them.


We have 14+ dedicated teams of developers and happy clients who hired them over 7 years ago and still work with them today.

Case Studies:

Dedicated .NET, Oracle, ROR, UI/UX Developers for USA Telecommunications Company

Partnership duration: From 2012
Team Size: 21 people
Technologies and Platforms: ASP .Net MVC, RoR, Java, Ajax, Angular JS, HTML/CSS,
MS SQL Server, Oracle

Dedicated Support Team for Media Project: London Start-Up Company

Partnership duration: From 2012
Team Size: 3 people
Technologies and Platforms: Wordpress, HelpDesk, GoogleDocs, GoogleAnalytics, Skype

Dedicated Yii and Mobile Developers for US based Company

Partnership duration: From 2010
Team Size: 16 people
Technologies and Platforms: Yii Framework, PHP, AJAX, MySQL; iOS, Android

Dedicated Sharepoint Developers for a North-European Company

Partnership duration: From 2007
Team Size: 17 people
Technologies and Platforms: SharePoint, Office 365, .NET, AJAX, MS SQL Server, VisualStudio

Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 for Dedicated team services

14+ Happy clients
14+ Teams created

* Data is based on surveys we sent to clients after project completion.

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