Joint Stock with Offshore Software Development Company

When for some reasons you refuse standard software development outsourcing we invite you to become our partner and establish a Joint Stock with Belitsoft - a stable software development company from Eastern Europe, Belarus.

You can become a partner of our stable offshore company by establishing a Joint venture with us and create your development office in Belarus or open a sales office abroad to sell Belitsoft's software development services. For some reasons companies may refuse standard software development outsourcing to third party companies today and prefer to use in-house resources or invite experts with necessary skills in local markets. That gives the feeling of total control, security, complete synergy, merger of mindsets and easy adoption of corporate culture.

Actually all of this is achievable in a subsidiary offices set up in any country around the world. And Joint stock creation for software development and maintenance can be an advantageous solution too when you choose a stable company with long presence in market, solid projects and examples of long-term cooperation with the clients. All of these characteristics are applicable to Belitsoft.

The advantages of a Joint stock are:

  • 100% control over all operations is in your hand. You decide who works for you, how daily operations are amanaged, what tools to use, how workflow is organized.
  • You company's book value growth.
  • No need to make significant initial investment as you can trust it to Belitsoft.
  • Low risk of operational failure as you have significant control over all.
  • You can get custom software product development or services provision at lower costs. Nearshore or offshore development company can bring 40% savings and even more.
  • Fast deployment. Using Belitsoft's skills and resources you can set up a Joint venture very fast and continue its extending as such need comes.

Joint venture company created with Belitsoft gives you a reliable partner based in Eastern Europe, who operates in the software development market over 10 years, has many long-term clients and a solid portfolio.

We invite you to partner Belitsoft and set up a subsidiary in Eastern Europe or in your country.