Outstaffing, Dedicated Team Model

Outstaffing is a form of cooperation when we employ your software development staff and Belitsoft becomes the official employer.

There might be different reasons why you need outstaffing. For example, if you have qualified staff in Belarus working not officialy for you. In that case outstaffing is a good idea for you as it will help to:


  • Avoid any labour disputes and paper work – we have professional accountants, lawyers and HR managers for this
  • Propose your staff white salary and official employment
  • Propose your staff good social program and working place of Belitsoft company


If Outstaffing is not right option for you and your aim is just to get good and reliable long term team of software developers then look at other models of creating dedicated teams in Belitsoft.

Standard model to set up a dedicated team in Belitsoft


  • We provide a location/workspace in our company’s office.
  • We ramp up your team using candidates from our company and from 20,000 developers market.
  • Client participates in hiring interviews, chooses best candidates and has full control over the team's daily work.
  • For each new member of the team we provide 3 months trial period.
  • We help efficiently to build and maintain the clients’ team in terms of ongoing payroll, accounting, stationery, hardware, internet, rent, utility, coffee, tea, and other administrative duties.
  • The team and each employee works at fixed monthly cost, no hidden expenses.
  • The team activities are managed by a Project Manager or a Team Leader the client chooses.


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