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Alesya Beliahova is a Marketing Specialist

When Alesya graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University and got a Degree in Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching, the young lady decided to try her hand at Marketing.

Alesya has been working successfully as a marketing manager in IT for 2 years, specializing in marketing research, lead generation, and business communication. She says that working in IT is very perspective and knows for sure that marketing in this sphere is evolving rapidly. The lady also enjoys working on the computer and different devices.

Alesya says that her job gives her a great possibility to get valuable experience in business negotiations and business correspondence.

If not marketing, Alesya would like to be a teacher.

Out of working hours, the lady spends time with her family, reads books (“Flowers for Algernon” by D. Keyes, “Heaven Has No Favorites” by E. M. Remarque, and “The Master and Margarita” by M. Bulgakov are her favorite ones), listens to rock, and watches movies and series such as Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory, and Snatch.

Alesya also strongly believes that change is the only constant.

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