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The Total Cost of EHR Ownership: EHR Pricing Guide

Do you need a new EMR/EHR software ASAP? The healthcare software consultants at Belitsoft are here to help you decide what EHR system is suited best for your needs.

What is the main reason that motivates you to the select/develop a new EHR? You need an EHR system for your own medical practice? Or you would like to create brand-new EHR product and sell licenses or subscription-based access to medical practice owners? Or maybe you are a software consultant and need an outsourcing partner to create custom software for your clients? Finally, maybe you need an EHR prototype to present to a potential investor?

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How Can We Help You:
Tell us why you need a new EHR and we will tell you what is best for you: development or purchase.
  • EHR Selection Services.There are more than 500 ready-to-use EHRs on the market. We are here to save your hours of research and help you select the right EHR Software that match your requirements. This option suits you when the disadvantages of pre-built EHR systems are not critical for you.
  • Open Source EHR Software Customization. We have chosen the best universal open source EHR systems for the following reasons: there is a demand for these systems; these systems are built using the most popular programming languages; these systems are mostly HIPAA/GDPR compliant; some of these systems have ONC certification. Open Source EHR Software Customization suits you when you have limited time and budget.
  • Building your own brand-new EHR based on Belitsoft EHR Framework (HIPPA/GDPR compliant). This option suits you when you need to get the full control over your EHR software features, don’t want to pay license fees, don’t want to have "per provider" access restrictions and don’t want to be one-vendor-locked to prevent EHR switching issues.
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