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Pediatric-specific features

Pediatric-specific templates and body charts

Pediatric-specific templates and body charts

Belitsoft pediatric EHR comes with built-in templates and charts tailored specifically for the needs of pediatricians. The system boasts a complete set of pediatric templates that enable well-ordered documentation of initial, sick, and well visits, including infant, children, and adolescent checkups, follow-up visits, and other clinical encounters. Electronic school and camp correspondence forms are customized based on unique reporting requirements of a given state or region. The pediatric-specific body charts support annotations for areas of bruises, rashes, cuts, mass, pains, scrapes, lesions, etc. to enable maximum accuracy of visit notes in just a few clicks.

These templates also support medical drawings to facilitate the immediate import of images, comments, and clinical data review. The content is organized in a way that allows pediatricians to concentrate on the most relevant data and adapt it according to their specific needs and workflows. We also successfully leverage our expertise in voice recognition technology and apply it to specialty EHRs for even better efficiency of reporting. Pediatric practices that have already adopted templates see improved adherence to clinical guidelines for specific conditions as well as continuous availability of information that previously was outside of the practice, birth information, and developmental screening, etc.

Data-Based Growth Charts

Data-Based Growth Charts

Pediatric growth charts allow practitioners to easily follow preterm, infant, child, and adolescent growth data. You can track height, weight, head circumference, weight for age and length for age, calculate BMI/BDS against age- and gender-specific standards percentiles. Specialized charts include growth curves for children with Down Syndrome and premature babies. The system issues alerts for any abnormal values, thus giving an early warning to doctors and parents that a child may have some medical issues. The growth charts are fully automated, which eliminates related manual entry and guesswork. Pediatricians can also attach a needed chart to the patient’s visit notes for future reference and sharing.
Family History Charts

Family History Charts

We understand the importance of access to a detailed medical history of your patients’ family members, especially their mothers. With special charts, you can create, update and view existing records about their past and current medical issues, prescriptions, and allergic reactions. Linked charts for same-family patients enable automated demographics updates, saving time on repetitive data entry. Family history charts give valuable insight into a patient’s predisposition to specific conditions, facilitate swift diagnosing, foster effective disease management and treatment plans, and aid at building rapport with young patients and their parents/ guardians.
Pediatric Dosage Calculator

Pediatric Dosage Calculator

Medication dosage calculator is a reliable tool for quick measurement of recommended dosages based on age, weight, and formulation. This way the pediatrician can be sure to prescribe the right dosage without leaving the Rx screen. The feature is especially valuable for pediatric practices as even a slight deviation from recommended norms may cause an undesirable change in drugs’ effect on a child.
CHDP forms

CHDP forms

Children Health Deficiency prevention forms (CHDP) with in-built CPR/ICD-10 codes allow pediatricians to eliminate manual processes and repetitive data entry, thus reducing the risk of human errors. Support for CHDP forms enables practices to deliver periodic health assessments to uninsured and underinsured children and youth.
Immunization/Vaccination Registry

Immunization/Vaccination Registry

Immunization registries contain data on all vaccines ever administered to patients by participating healthcare providers within a city, state or geographic region. Our team makes sure that the functionality abides by ACIP guidelines and supports the immunization process throughout its stages: archives the CVX code, lot number, manufacturer, and doses given to the child starting from birth, offers consent forms for parents/guardians, updates VFC and private inventories, compiles inventory reports, issues alerts on upcoming vaccinations, and delivers reminders for next appointments.

The system automatically assigns a CPT code to the performed procedure to effectively capture charges for the services. HL7 interfaces allow for a smooth interchange of records with immunization registries nationwide. Pediatric providers that utilize the practice of secure data transfer see considerable improvements related to decrease in vaccine-preventable diseases, boost in patient immunization rates, optimization of administrative costs through supplies tracking and reduce vaccine administration errors.

Telephone Triage Protocols

Telephone Triage Protocols

Belitsoft enhances online decision support for pediatric triage nurses in pediatric practices and call centers. Using online triage protocols, the notes can be taken right from the EHR’s message screen and seamlessly added to the patient’s record. The software keeps up with the decision taken during a triage including the protocol and disposition selected and care advice given, reducing documentation workload and allowing to focus on the quality of care instead of note-taking.

Built with real pediatric triage objectives in mind, the functionality assists medical providers in assessing whether a patient needs to be seen as soon as possible. This is especially critical for pediatricians, as kids get sick often and parents don’t always know what to do when their child shows symptoms of a potential illness.

Custom surveillance and Screening Tools

Our team can integrate surveillance and screening tools that help to assess a patient's overall health as well as specifically developmental, mental health and more. Some of the most used include CRAFFT Screening, Autism M-CHAT-R (Scored), PHQ-2 & 9Asthma Control Test (ACT), Developmental Questionnaires, and others.

All tests and questionnaires may be adjusted to the needs of specific providers, shared with concerned specialists, and integrated with the patient’s progress notes. Timely screenings help see whether a child is at risk of developing certain health issues, now or in the future. Moreover, they can guide providers into what to do next, tell about a child's family environment, and how to help a child become a successful person in social life. The feature can also serve as an additional revenue stream, as many of the validated screening tools included in a pediatric EHR are paid as covered services on top of routine preventive care.


AAP Pediatric Tools

Healthcare professionals use the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) materials as a tested and credible source of information that assists providers on the way to a better quality of care and successful outcomes. Pediatric EHRs we develop offer a selection of pediatric-focused education materials and guidance: AAP Red Book, Pediatric Care Online, Pediatric Coding Newsletter, Pediatric Protocol Templates, Bright Futures Protocols. The integration of AAP content with your EHR can also be useful in helping satisfy meaningful use requirements.

Pediatric-specific orders sets

Pediatric-specific order sets are preformatted and fully-customizable documents that contain a list of recommended steps to take regarding a specific diagnosis: lab and radiology tests, medications, office procedures, follow up and care plans, etc. With specialized order sets in place, it is easy to standardize care and communication so clinicians are better able to follow orders as they’re legible, clear and are less likely to contain errors. Instant availability of advised plans right at the point of care also significantly reduces the chances of missing an important order.

History charts

Electronic pediatric history charts contain information on patient demographics, family history, birth and development progress, feeding history, vaccines received, and skin test results. The pediatrician can make notes on charts as they do during conventional visits. Being full of key patient’s medical records, the charts provide vital data that promote sound decision making.

Сore features

Appointment Management

Appointment Management

Appointment Management module streamlines patient recalls and appointment scheduling. Appointment-setting capabilities allow storing significant info like appointment time, patient name, appointment reasons, and current status. When an appointment is set, you can easily enable automated appointment reminders via the channel that fits you best or their combination, be it via SMS, email, voice recording or any messaging app. Timely reminders increase the chance of keeping patient on schedule for their visits as well as immunizations and improve patient compliance, especially among people with chronic conditions that require routine check-ups. It also greatly reduces no-shows, adds to better collections and boosts the productivity of both practitioners and front office staff.

Lab integration

Lab Integration

Integration with both onsite and offsite laboratories provides a fast and secure way for real-time order submission and receipts of lab tests results both to clinicians and to the patient portal. All lab results include explanations in terms of expected norms and suggestions for needed follow-ups with a certain specialist, reducing follow up calls and burden on the nursing staff. Discrete and structured test results are also valuable to comply with Meaningful Use requirements and reporting.


Advanced e-prescribing module helps your patients receive the medications they need faster. The functionality allows clinicians to complete prescription refills in just two clicks: one for selecting a needed medication, second for request submission. All unnecessary keystrokes are further eliminated with automated prior authorizations, drug-to-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks, and the possibility to add multiple entries in a single order, including controlled substances thanks to EPCS support. You can then smoothly exchange electronic prescriptions with any of the enabled pharmacies right from the patient's chart. Integrated E-prescribing capability also reduces the risk of medication errors associated with manual data entry and prevents prescription fraud.

Clinical Data Reporting and Analytics

Value-based healthcare regulations urge clinicians to systematize their approach to the provision of care. Our team develops analytics platforms that can be easily integrated into your EHR/EMR. You always know how many patients are receiving care from other specialists, how many vaccines were used, the percentage of patients diagnosed with certain conditions, etc. Structured data gives you valuable easy-to-read insight into the clinical and financial health of your practice and that of your peers. This facilitates reasonable adjustments to the current workflows aimed at boosting productivity and quality of care, thus increasing potential reimbursements under MIPS.

E&M Coding Optimization

We equip your EHR with a built-in tool to help you assign the most suitable speciality-specific ICD-10 and CPT codes for a given patient encounter. Automated service level calculations and direct charge entry enable you confidently charge the appropriate level of service and eliminate missed charges for maximized revenues. The tool also allows you to manually overwrite the values calculated by the system, thus ensuring the utmost flexibility.

Voice Recognition

Leveraging natural language processing for clinical notes input allows physicians to focus on their patients rather than keyboards and screens. The system listens to the conversation, disambiguates voices, follows the consultation and even gives suggestions to the clinician through their earpiece. It then takes on the task of transcribing the encounter so everyone has a record of the conversation, edits, fills out and navigates EHR, reducing associated turnaround time and possible handwriting-related errors. Cutting data entry from clinicians’ workflows not only frees the hands for other tasks, but also boosts clinical efficiency and reduces administrative burden, and improves overall EHR usability.

Image Interpretation

Belitsoft successfully applies machine learning algorithms for increased sensitivity when analyzing patient images down to the individual pixels, allowing for more precision in the identification of cancers and other conditions than their human counterparts. The technology could make it easier for doctors to analyze highly detailed information offering greater accuracy and eliminating errors, many of which arise from a varying degree of training and experience of medical staff.

Patient portals

Patient Portals

Belitsoft develops dedicated portals for providers to promote secure HIPAA-compliant information exchange with their patients. With a patient portal, established patients of your practice as well as their parents and guardians (for minors) can easily view health information such as test results, medication and immunization history, charts, visits reviews, diagnosis-related educational materials, schedule appointments online, message a provider, ask for prescription refills, update contact information, view and pay bills - all from the comfort of their whereabouts.

Patients can electronically complete their paperwork such as adding demographic, insurance data, signing consents, intake forms prior to the encounter and the data flows into the integrated EMR/EHR. Along with strengthening patient-provider relationships, such portals allow reducing unnecessary hassle by enabling continuous access to all records, as well as increasing overall quality of care and patient loyalty. Having a patient portal is also one of the Meaningful Use requirements.

Practice management

Practice Management

We develop everything you need to run your practice seamlessly. Practice management software easily fits the needs and preferences of your clinical staff.

From appointment scheduling to post-visit activities, it accurately and efficiently handles time-consuming yet important administrative and financial tasks like scheduling and reporting, billing and claims management, document maintenance, insurance eligibility checks, etc. within a single intuitive interface.

Practice management software is ideal for providers that want to focus on treating patients instead of dealing with routine logistics that are an indispensable part of any healthcare facility.

Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Using population health management gives providers access to powerful tools for tracking patient performance and improve clinical outcomes by lowering costs. We implement BI tools to monitor and identify individual patients within a given group and provide a comprehensive picture of each member.

Real-time insights show you how many eligible patients have received clinical care that may need, detect high-risk and high-cost members and categorize them by illness and its severity as well as see which patients may need extra care. By streamlining population health management, both clinicians and administrators can identify and address care gaps - especially in populations with chronic diseases - and rest assured that their time is spent efficiently.

Medical billing & Revenue cycle management

Our team can merge EHR workflow and payment management into a single solution, helping you increase collections, combat rising practice costs and get paid sooner by decreasing the time between patient visit, billing, and reimbursement.

This type of software offers healthcare providers instant access to any claim or bill and their current status. As the billing process is completely automated, there is no need to spend precious time on proofreading and sending them out. An RCM system is also able to eliminate the burden associated with conducting insurance eligibility and copay requirements check, assigning the right ICD and CPT codes, ensuring documents’ compliance with state and specialty-specific billing guidelines, managing denials and appeals, tracking payments, identifying missed charges, and many more. Increased documentation accuracy increases reimbursement rates and, hence, revenues. Reporting is also available to review revenue shortfalls, payment collection trends as well as uncover ways to speed up the transition from fee-to-service to value-based reimbursements.

Mobile Version

With custom mobile EHR solutions, providers can access EHR anytime and anywhere using their smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices. Whether you need a task-specific app or your desktop software counterpart, our team makes sure it is intuitive and ultimately secure. An app allows doctors to swiftly record all patient data, track existing health records, issue prescriptions, communicate with patients and concerned care providers - all without being tethered to the workstation, thus speeding up the accomplishment of day-to-day tasks and improving patient care.


With telemedicine tools, healthcare providers can take advantage of videoconferencing technologies by conducting online patient encounters. During a remote visit, practitioners have access to the same set of tools as with a standard office visit as a result of full integration with a practice’s EHR. Providers can use the technology in a number of ways, including remote diagnosing, monitoring, coordination, therapy prescription, virtual referrals, and even patient education. There is no need to leave a facility you are staying in - just get a device with internet access and a camera and you are ready for the session. Televisits facilitate patient engagement, improve access to healthcare and relevant specialists (especially for immobile patients), and allow practices to boost their productivity by treating more patients while decreasing no-shows as a result of saving traveling time and costs.

Integration with third-party apps and systems

Our team can integrate electronic medical records/ electronic health records with any third-party system, be it PACS, pharmacy software, medical and insurance databases, etc.. We use an API-led connectivity approach for bidirectional communication with other systems. It is also possible to import data from a patient’s health tracking devices such as a fitness tracker, a medication reminder or a glucose monitor, thus enabling constant remote monitoring of their vitals and conditions. Integration extends the capabilities of the system in terms of resources available for data-driven decisions when diagnosing and treating a patient.

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