Dmitry Garbar

Dmitry Garbar

Dmitry Garbar is a Department Head/Partner

Dmitry Garbar has been working in Belitsoft Company since 2007.

He started his career as a developer and then he was promoted to the Senior Project Manager. Currently, he is managing several types of projects, including fixed price and Agile.

His team consists of 30 in-house employees (developers, designers, HTML coders) and a number of distributed non-staff members.

He is strong-willed, keeps a very tight rein on all processes and provides high-quality software products in time.

BLOG POSTS BY Dmitry Garbar

HIPAA Compliance Checklist - Tech Solutions for Businesses

Learn about the requirements for HIPAA IT compliance. Pick technologies best suited for your software.

Choosing the Right MVP Features for Your Startup: Insider Tips

The principle of building a software product is simple: take the most important features, build, release, succeed. However, choosing these features becomes a stumbling block for many aspiring startupers. Read on to find out how to avoid their mistakes and how to use the correct approach for building your MVP, both in theory and in practice (examples ahead!)..

Custom Software Requirements Specification Document Example (International Standard)

Software Requirements Specification Document (SRS) gives business owners a clear vision of how much does it cost to develop their custom software product (web, mobile or desktop one). Who should write a software requirement specification? A business analyst. Belitsoft as a business analysis services company can help you with writing an SRS. Get a free quote or check out how to start custom software development without creating an SRS!

TOP Features that Matter in a Pill Tracker App

Would this feature make a profit or not...that is the question. We help your medication management business to succeed and save from pointless wastings. Here we put together eight must-have functionalities to attract your potential customers and make them love your pill tracker app.

Ideation in Startups: how Successful Entrepreneurs Draw Inspiration

You want to grow your business. Just one small thing. You need a game-changing idea to push your enterprise forward. We propose 5 solutions to get the juices flowing. Read on to find out where the founders of some successful businesses get their ideas.

Creating a Cutting-edge ERP/CRM Platform: How Car Service Stations Conquered the Sky

Three years ago our pure and unpredictable aspiration ensnared us into a big Canadian gamble. We were involved in the development of a software that should have been a breakthrough in the market. But let’s dive into this gently.

What is Web Application?

Web application is a collection of scripts The definition from the article "Penetration Testing for Web Applications (Part One)" (Jody Melbourne and David Jorm via Symantec). "A Web application is an application, generally comprised of a collection of scripts, that reside on a Web server and interact with databases or other sources of dynamic content.

ERP Basics. Riding the Clouds

Businesses always needed a system to operate effectively. No matter how large you are, or for how long have you been on the market. To boost the demand for your services and eliminate the system mistakes, enterprises resort to the ERP solutions. In a nice conversation <b>with Dmitry Garbar, the department head and a partner at Belitsoft</b>, we’ve discussed ERP systems. Dive into the article and see, what came out of our talk.

Responsive Website vs Mobile App

Google’s Mobilegeddon has set new standards for what a mobile web experience should be. Today more than half of global web traffic is mobile-generated. However, the apps industry is keeping pace by introducing new approaches to their development and new app styles like Progressive web apps. In doubt about what to choose? Read on to understand how a responsive website and a mobile app can benefit your business in terms of audience reach, industry type, functionality as well as maintenance complexity.

GDPR Compliance Checklist

Protect your users' data and ensure GDPR compliance with this checklist. If you need help implementing these measures, let us know.

These 7 Steps Will Help Prepare Your Software for GDPR

On the 25th of May, all the companies providing goods or services for the EU citizens will have to adhere to the new data protection rules or face fines of up to 4% annual global turnover or roughly $24.5M. We have prepared a list of things you could do to make sure your app is safe from the hammer of the law.

Saas Website Design Inspiration: TOP-20 Header and Footer Design Examples

If clothes make the man, the design makes the website. That's where potential customers start evaluating a product. The SaaS website can (and should) be an online lead-generation machine, so each component of it has to be as good as possible. As people generally remember the first and the last thing they see, having impressive header and footer can go a long way towards making your product successful. What do some of the best SaaS companies do with their websites’ headers/footers? Look at this list to get and keep in mind some ideas for custom software development while building or redesigning your SaaS website.

React vs Angular vs Vue

Angular and React are the two big players that are widely used. And there is an upstart that has been getting a lot of traction recently - Vue.js. Which is better, React.JS, Vue.js or Angular? Is React or Vue.js killing Angular? Is React or Vue.js faster than AngularJS? Belitsoft has an expertise in all three: Angular, React and Vue.js. However today we use React more often than other tools and we are strengthening our React team because it saves money for our customers. We have also found and put together the opinions from the most discussed cases where different software developers are trying to find the silver bullet - so you can make the most objective decision possible.

Chatbots Bring More Sales

There are three main tools for the SaaS lead generation: lead capture forms, live chats, and chatbots. Using chatbots is the most cost-effective way among these alternatives to generate qualified leads for the sales team. Are there case studies to prove that? Of course! Let's learn what successful SaaS companies are doing.

SaaS Technology Stack Used by Best Companies

Choosing the right technology stack before your SaaS development can be a challenging task. What is the best tech stack to develop a SAAS application? Let's discover the hottest technology stacks of the most popular SaaS startups and apps. This list will be updated soon if you would like it, and share it.

List of Successful SaaS Companies in USA

Market research before custom software development of a SaaS product starts with getting the list of successful SaaS companies already operated in the US market. When did they found? What is the industry they operate in, their offer for customers, and the business idea behind the app? What tech stack do they use? What are details of their journey to million-dollars in annual revenue? How much funding did they get?

PHP vs Java

Our team is experienced both in PHP programming and Java programming. We have a portfolio of both PHP-based applications and Java-based applications. What do we take into account when considering which tool to use?

Custom Software Testing: How We Use the Pareto Principle and Escape the Murphy's Law

Belitsoft offshore software testing company, operating globally since 2004, provides outsourcing software product testing and quality assurance. Our clients want to know whether we use available QA resources in the most efficient way. We follow two simple rules: use the Pareto principle and escape the Murphy’s law to reduce costs and the delivery time of a custom developed software without compromising on quality.

Microservices Architecture: Development with Lumen (Laravel) Microframework

«Microservices» or «microservice architectural style» is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small parts – services accessed through APIs - as opposed to «monolithic architectural style» when an application is built as a single unit. It allows different microservices to be written in different programming languages, and they can also be managed by different teams. When is it a good idea to use this architecture in custom software development and why do we use Lumen to build microservices?

PHP 7 review: Performance And Security

PHP is widely used for custom software development. Usage statistics indicate that PHP accounts for over 80 percent of all websites, topping 240 million sites according to the Netcraft web server survey (2013), here is another survey with the same results. PHP 7 (2015) is the most important revolution for PHP since the release of PHP 5 in 2004. The speed of PHP 7 and security improvements alone make upgrading to PHP 7 worthwhile. In this post, we will discuss these improvements in more details.

10x Software Developers

Here, at Belitsoft PHP development company, we constantly learn best practices of custom software development from our experience and from other developers. What is a 10x software developer? Is it the one who writes 10x more lines of code than others? Or provides the better solution that requires 10x less work? Or works more than 8 hours a day? Let's listen to ... the 10x programmers. How do they live and how do they work? Definitely, all of them work and live smarter than others...

PHP vs Node.js

Our team is experienced both in PHP programming and Node.js development. We have a portfolio with both PHP-based applications and Node.js-based applications as well as mixed ones. What do we take into account when considering which tool to use in custom software development?

The Top 10 Advantages Of Using Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel framework is very popular for custom software development. It is the Most Starred PHP Framework on Github: more than 35 000 developers from all over the world (mostly from the USA) greatly appreciate robust features of this platform. Based on data of the BuiltWith, Laravel's popular websites verticals include Business, Entertainment, Media, News, Shopping, Technology, Vehicles. Why is Laravel so popular?

Node.js vs Go

Ryan Dahl, 36-years old brilliant programmer, is the creator of Node.js, JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. He showed us how to do I/O right way and also taught us how to build software using pure async programming model. Currently, he is a software engineer at Google Brain working on deep learBrowserifyning research projects. His focus is mostly on image-to-image transformations like colorization and super-resolution. He has contributed to several open source projects including HTTP Parser, libuv. In his recent interview (2017), Ryan Dahl has told when it's better to use Node.js and why he uses Go for custom software development.

Top programmers who started working after 35

Famous and ordinary programmers who started late Aimee Morgan, Clayton Boyle, Wendy Zenone, Bill Barnett, Tyson Daugherty, Sara Powell, Derek Langton, Pavol Almasi, Laurie Alaoui and others are ultimately showing by example that «it's never too late to do what you love or what you are passionate about».

Top programmers who write code after 40 years

The median U.S. worker is 42. However, StackOverflow’s survey on age shows that there are just about 13% of developers after 40. Where are the others? Were they fired or moved up to a managerial role? Is software development really a dead end job after 40? Let’s listen to the stories of top software developers after 40, 50 and 60 who turned down managerial positions and still practice programming for a living.

Million-Dollar SaaS Companies, Which Have No… Offices

Companies that hire remote (distributed, virtual, dispersed, or dedicated) workers and do it well seem to have a huge leg up on the competition. Let’s learn how these successful SaaS companies use global talents to increase software quality and reduce the cost of rent and office supplies: Basecamp, Buffer, Chargify, Convertkit, Ghost(pro), Groove, Hubstaff, Invision, Olark, and Zapier. As the company where you can find a remote PHP developer, we believe that you could utilize their experience and expertise to build your own full remote SaaS company.

Top Entrepreneurs Who Became Rich Starting With MVP (PHOTO)

Belitsoft has a huge experience in MVP software development for startups and prototypes for existing brands. MVP is a minimal version of the product with the minimum set of features that is enough to deploy and test the key hypothesis to solve problems of this product’ potential customers. Experts suggest that, in B2B, it’s not an MVP until you sell it. Viable means you can sell it.

How Much Does a Custom Software Development Cost

Belitsoft, as one of the best custom software development companies, is highly experienced in software development projects' cost estimation. Do you want to know how much does it cost to develop a custom software for you? Send us your requirements and get a free quote!

Top Software Developers Shared How They Came Up With Profitable SaaS Ideas

The way to get profitable startup idea is not to try to think of startup ideas (including SaaS development). It's to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself. In fact, for many entrepreneurs, successful business ideas start out as solutions designed to address a challenge they face personally. Solving the problem that frustrates you may be one of the best ways of finding an idea for your startup. Look at these software developers who turned their problem into success.

Built With Laravel: 10+ Reputable Companies and Startups that Use Laravel Framework for their Web Projects

Both well-established companies and startups are using Laravel Development. The framework is robust and versatile, which is appreciated by business owners on many levels. Take a look at examples of great Laravel-based projects.

Wordpress vs Laravel

When developers propose using a modern MVC framework (such as Laravel) over a CMS (such as WordPress), non-tech stakeholders are sometimes unsure whether it is the right choice. Prebuilt CMS might seem a money/time saver and a more obvious tool to accomplish their business tasks. However, when is it really better to use a CMS rather than a typical modern framework for custom software development?

The Biggest Myths Some Software Developers Believe

What are some popular myths in software development? Why are they myths, and how did they become popular? Some of these are myths because they were once true, other because they are convenient distortions in order to promote an agenda, and some because they are naive over-simplifications. Do you agree with these opinions?

Getting Started With Laravel for Beginners: the Best FREE Quickstart Tutorials

Laravel is the Most Starred PHP Framework on Github: more than 30 000 developers from all over the world (mostly from the USA) use it for custom software development. Thinking about Laravel 5 but don’t know where to start? Among the features that make Laravel framework better than others there are awesome documentation, community and step-by-step tutorials. In this post, to save your time, we've gathered expert advices on how to download, install and configure your first Laravel-based project.

Why Agile Is Good For Customers

The truth is they really love it! The majority of outsourcing projects are developed within the scope of methodology that are often called as “flexible” (Agile). As a rule, these methodologies are really too flexible and applied on a variety of customers’ requirements. In addition, companies that are involved in outsourcing, often identify themselves as “Agile-oriented", and embellish this orientation to the customers.

How to Make PHP Websites Run Faster

Known fact that page loading speed is an essential factor for any site. Users are not willing to wait for long pages response and in the worst cases they can leave your site. Search Engines reduce page rank of your site when the speed is too slow; this results in fewer visitors from Search Engines. And, yes, as the site administrator you’ll feel irritation, if you have to wait a long time while managing your site, knowing that this process can be accelerated. All the ways to speed up your site are divided into two basic methods: website software optimization and server software/hardware optimization.

PHP 7 review: Scalar Type Declarations and Return Type Declarations

PHP 7 introduced new features: scalar type declarations and return type declarations. In this post we will show how these features makes the maintenance of large pieces of code significantly easier by multiple developers and writing more robust tests. For the owner of the large PHP-based application it means more quality with less money spent in a long-term perspective for their custom software development.

Business Analyst Role & Definition

Business Analyst is a person who investigates customer’s problem, looking for solutions and develops idea into the form of requirements, which will be used by the developers when creating a product in the future.

How Must the Right Offshore Software Development Company Help the Client Save Thousands of Dollars?

One-half of unsuccessful projects are related to ineffective communications and this translates to US$75,000 that are at risk for every US$1 million spent on the projects, according to the business research from The Project Management Institute (the US nonprofit professional organization for project management, 480,000+ members). A company is not only risking funds, but also it is risking project success rates.

Full-Stack Framework or Microframework, Laravel or Lumen?

What is a microframework? Are there any benefits of using a microframework as opposed to a full-stack framework? What are some examples of when it's right to use a microframework instead of a full-stack framework for custom software development?

How Fast are Laravel-based Web Applications?

Web application should run as quickly as possible. Amazon found that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales. Google found that extra .5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%. Broker can lose $4 million in revenues per millisecond if his electronic trading platform is 5 milliseconds behind the competition! It is important not just to develop web application but to develop fast web application, which will result in accelerating revenue. Is Laravel fast enough to use it for custom software development?

Software Requirements Specification Helps to Protect IT Projects From Failure

Software Requirements Specification Document (SRS) gives business owners a clear vision of how much does it cost to develop their custom software product (web, mobile or desktop one). Who should write a software requirement specification? A business analyst. Belitsoft as a business analysis services company can help you with writing an SRS. Get a free quote or check out how to start custom software development without creating an SRS!

How to Keep Offshore Software Developers under Control?

Lack of control over offshore software developers may lead to broken promises, failure to deliver product on time and increase in its price

Rapid Software Development Principles in Belitsoft

Ideally, the development of any program begins with the formation of crisp system understanding. System project is a living image that is formed in your imagination. Clear understanding of the project leads to the creation of first program version.

Project Manager Role & Definition

Project Manager - is an expert who is responsible for project management: designing and prioritization, tasks scheduling, control, communication and rapid problem solving. It's a non-technical profession, but majority of people are former developers, quality testers or from customer service department.

Product Manager Role & Definition

Product management - is one of those professions, that is difficult to describe and give a clear definition (it refers to any organization), partly because in each company people are doing this work in a different way. Not long ago, I discussed with my friends: "who is a product manager?" Some of them have recently started to work in this field, others have already achieved some success in this area.

Software Engineering Deadlines: Benefits and Disadvantages

I found myself thinking that existing schedules in software development can give negative effect. Nevertheless more people still insist that schedules play a positive role. I think it’s necessary to apply it with care (just like any other «Silver bullet» for software development). I’ve tried to analyze how schedules can ruin the project and how it’s possible to improve future results.

When to Use Fixed Price Model for Software Development

Every project starts with the request for proposal or the project estimate. The inquirer needs to know price, duration of the project and tries to find out the level of service quality. Request is usually sent to more than one software development company to get a collection of offers to choose the best one

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